Despite the coronavirus: We’re still here for you!

Seven2one office “We are here for you"

Schools, daycare centres and public institutions are closed, and events have been cancelled. Even if public life has largely ground to a halt, we are still here for you. We are spreading out and continuing to work for you in the office or from home. Working from home was long been an established practice for us, and we have the appropriate infrastructure for it. Simply get in touch with your contacts as usual.

We have received many enquiries from customers about the current situation over the last few days. We summarised these in FAQs.

FAQs on the current situation

What measures has Seven2one taken in regard to the coronavirus?

Seven2one management is constantly monitoring the current situation. The employees are required to implement the recommendations that are currently in effect. If necessary, management is implementing the recommendations.

Does Seven2one have work-from-home arrangements, and how are they are working out?

Working from home is possible for all employees at Seven2one, as this arrangement has been an integral part of the way we work for several years. For example, when we moved to our new premises in mid-2019, all employees worked from home for several days at a time.

At the moment, all staff who are working in the office take their work equipment home every day so that they can seamlessly continue working at home in the event of a quarantine.

Can everyone working from home access the client systems?

Yes, all relevant employees have all the necessary login credentials and connections to the client systems even when they are working from home.

Is there corresponding infrastructure to work together on projects on a virtual basis?

Yes, our remote connectivity infrastructure systems are powerful enough and have the appropriate licences for teleconferencing, web meetings, remote support and so on.

Are constraints to be expected in terms of service and ongoing projects?

Due to the above-mentioned arrangement, no constraints on the part of Seven2one are to be expected, neither in terms of service nor in project implementation. This is expected to remain true even if arrangements for alternative forms of work (such as working from home) have to remain in place over an extended period of time.

Are there any changes in regard to how clients can reach Seven2one?

As previously, you can reach us by e-mail, landline or mobile phone under both normal and extraordinary circumstances.

We hope that everyone can deal with these difficult circumstances as well as possible.
The most important thing is to take care of yourselves!

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