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In the work we do, we seek to offer every single customer a solution that is perfect for them – and we’ve been been doing this for 20 years. The will to blaze new trails is in our DNA: we started off as a University of Stuttgart venture that was spun off. To this very day, we continue to work successfully and independently with key players from various market areas as well as with smaller smart pioneers in the industry. Our software is constantly being enhanced and upgraded so that it keeps pace with the fast-changing technology environment and the dynamic energy market. However, our passion remains the same: to find precisely the right solution to meet the needs of every customer – including you, if you would like. It’s a promise!

“The people here are actually doing their jobs far too well.”

(Jan Marco Heinz, Managing Director)

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Founded as a University of Stuttgart venture that was spin off

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What we have to offer in addition to services.

It is not only our digital solutions that make us unique. There are even more reasons to choose us:

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We solve your problems.

Seven2one is not a large corporation. We are also not a company that has been spun off from a large corporation. We are an owner-managed company with a team of 45 employees. When you have a contact person at Seven2one, this person is not only a point of contact but also a working partner with decision-making power and expertise who uses their intelligence and listening skills to find out what your goals are and helps you achieve them. They also are passionate about their jobs, because such passion is embedded in our DNA.What we most enjoy about our work is the opportunity to find the solution that best meets your unique requirements.

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We do this work out of conviction.

As part of a project at the University of Stuttgart, the founders of Seven2one were originally only looking for a modular software solution for the energy market. But it soon became clear how much potential there was in this idea. It’s how the project became a company. And the company has become a full-service provider that today provides you with efficient and tailored software solutions.

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We are people who understand the process.

We are constantly gaining more knowledge because we love our work, and we never gave up on our original goal of conducting great research. This allows you to benefit from our expertise along the entire value chain of the energy industry and includes everything that facilitates the digital transformation of your business.

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We are one of a kind and have built our business on the unique nature of our team.

Just as we value our clients’ individuality, we also appreciate the variety of personalities in our interdisciplinary team members, who are all pleasant to work with. For us, showing consideration and seeking to help in any way we can are modes of behaviour that are key to our our dealings with you and our work in general. And in our daily experience, they are also a huge factor upon which the success of our company is based.


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360° of support

Our service portfolio

When it comes to software for the energy transition, we can offer you a comprehensive all-round package. The focus of our work is you – or, more precisely, the custom software we create for your work. That includes everything that goes with it, from A for application management to Z for our zest for bringing about good interpersonal relationships.

For us, the best team in the world is the people you find at Seven2one


Portrait of Ahmad Masrieh, Seven2one

An agile thinker and eloquent communicator with great instincts particularly when it comes to tapping into new markets.

Ahmad Masrieh

Senior Executive – Corporate Development & Strategy

Portrait von Martin Häberle, Seven2one

First, he solves the problem. Then he writes the code.

Aleksandar Bozhinovski

Software Engineer

Portrait von Anna Lena Schledz, Seven2one

Anna Lena Schledz

Project Manager

Portrait of Brigita Rossel, Seven2one

Passion for numbers, facts and precision.

Brigita Rossel

Commercial Manager, Authorized signatory

Portrait of Caroline Eckert, Seven2one

Sympathetic talent finder and "education officer"

Caroline Eckert

Specialist Personnel Development and Recruiting

Portrait of Christoph Krusch, Seven2one

Energy economist with high sporting ambition and our speaker into the energy market.

Christoph Krusch

Sales Manager

Portrait von Dr. Joachim Wittinghofer, Seven2one

Has an answer for everything - as well as the right plan.

Dr. Joachim Wittinghofer

Managing Director

Portrait of Elena Makarenko, Seven2one

Loves challenges - in developing intuitive software as well as on the dance floor.

Elena Makarenko

Software Engineer

Portrait of Ellen Runde, Seven2one

Good-humored bug tracker with quality in its sights.

Ellen Runde

Software Test Manager

Portrait of Florian Wellmann, Seven2one

Structured project expert with high good mood factor.

Florian Wellmann

Project Manager

Portrait of Holger Beer, Seven2one

Masters challenges with East Frisian composure.

Holger Beer

Software Engineer

Portrait of Holger Ladig, Seven2one

Stress-resistant guarantor for long-term platform success.

Holger Ladig

Software Engineer

Portrait of Jan Marco Heinz, Seven2one

Has an answer for everything - as well as the right plan.

Jan Marco Heinz

Managing Director, Product Manager

Portrait von Jens Borchers, Seven2one

Jens Borchers

Order Accounting and Invoicing

Portrait of Jörg Koller, Seven2one

He came, he saw, he wrote.

Jörg Koller

Technical Writer

Portrait of Jürgen Talasch, Seven2one

What he does, he does right - and with athletic verve.

Jürgen Talasch

Software Engineer

Portrait of Kamran Alibeik, Seven2one

Sales professional with innovative ideas and ambitious goals.

Kamran Alibeik

Sales Manager

Portrait of Katharina Lorenz, Seven2one

Our Karla Kolumna with an eye for good stories and what's happening in the market.

Katharina Lorenz

Marketing Manager

Portrait of Lisa Marie Wiech, Seven2one

With her warm and charming manner, she is the first point of contact for everyone at Seven2one.

Lisa Marie Wiech

Office Manager

Portrait of Mahshid Alibeik, Seven2one

Attends to customer needs with humor, openness and honesty.

Mahshid Alibeik

Sales Manager

Portrait of Marc Donat, Seven2one

Sympathetic specialist for efficient projects with high quality standards.

Marc Donat

Project Manager

Portrait of Marco Pattke, Seven2one

Marco Pattke

Software Engineer

Portrait of Markus Eischeid, Seven2one

Experienced problem solver and a guarantee for clean code.

Markus Eischeid

Software Engineer

Portrait von Martin Häberle, Seven2one

His main concern is "got it".

Martin Häberle

Technical Writer

Portrait of Matthias Wessinger, Seven2one

Solves problems with gummy bears and years of expertise.

Matthias Wessinger

Technical Customer Support

Portrait of Max Müller, Seven2one

Our student who came, saw and tackled.

Max Müller

DHBW Student

Portrait of Michael Häfele, Seven2one

Friendly organizational talent with that extra helping hand.

Michael Häfele

Head of TechStack

Portrait of Mirko Breuer, Seven2one

Optimistic quick thinker and problem solver.

Mirko Breuer

Systems Engineer and Systems Architect

Portrait of Nadine Wittenbecher, Seven2one

Experienced energy industry professional and empathetic multi-project manager.

Nadine Wittenbecher

Market Analyst & Project Manager

Portrait von Nico Vöhringer, Seven2one

Nico Vöhringer

Software Engineer

Portrait of Nils De Winter, Seven2one

French cheerful soul with the Maigret gene for the best customer solution.

Nils De Winter

Software Engineer

Portrait of Patrick Hartung, Seven2one

Combines expertise with reliability and prospects in the market.

Patrick Hartung

Head of Marketing & Sales, Head of Business Solutions

Portrait of Patrick Unrath-Quade, Seven2one

Our biggest Linux lover. We still like him.

Patrick Unrath-Quade

IT Administrator

Portrait of Paule Tcheudjeu, Seven2one

Clever & smart combined in one likeable software tester.

Paule Tcheudjeu

Software Tester

Portrait of Petra Werling, Seven2one

Numbers are her world and employees her passion.

Petra Werling

Accounting and HR Administration

Portrait of Philip Busch, Seven2one

Walking encyclopedia and regulatory reporting expert.

Philip Busch

Technical Customer Support

Portrait of Rocco Balnus, Seven2one

Undisputed champion of Seven2one platform installations.

Rocco Balnus

Systems Engineer

Portrait of Sabrina Posselt, Seven2one

Always shining organizational talent that keeps everything running smoothly.

Sabrina Posselt

Office Manager

Portrait of Samy Badawi, Seven2one

Patient jack-of-all-trades who likes to dive deep into systems for support requests.

Samy Badawi

Technical Customer Support

Portrait of Sonja Müller, Seven2one

Bubbling over with ideas, thinks at lightning speed and likes to think outside the (support) box.

Sonja Müller

Technical Customer Support

Portrait of Stephan Kühner, Seven2one

Multimedia all-rounder that combines creativity and efficiency.

Stephan Kühner

Multimedia Producer

Portrait of Sven Stando, Seven2one

The friendly face behind every ticket number.

Sven Stando

Head of Support and Service Operation

Portrait of Till Ruprecht, Seven2one

Thinks and visualizes Scrum in real time like no one else.

Till Ruprecht

Product Owner

Portrait of Tomas Haranth, Seven2one

Loves round things - whether in soccer or project management.

Tomas Haranth

Project Manager

Interested in joining our team?

We look forward not just to new clients and new projects but also to meeting new colleagues. In our career section, you can find more information and job openings as well as facts that may surprise you.

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