Virtual power plantmore than a digital twin

In a nutshell, what is a virtual power plant?

VPP stands for virtual power plant. And what is a virtual power plant? To put it in simple terms, a virtual power plant is a network of several power generation systems that are not located in the same place. The network is interconnected on a digital platform that consolidates the data of all individual plants and balances generation and consumption, for example. In this way it is possible to bring the electricity generated to the market on a lucrative basis.

Now that we’ve covered the basic facts, we can turn our attention to the truly fascinating part: the better the software, the better the VPP performs. A good VPP makes the world a better place while also serving as a profitable venture – and that’s not all. Here you can find out how virtual power plants are revolutionising an entire industry. […read more]

Reliable as an off-the-shelf solution, yet tailored to your needs like a made-to-order product and more efficient than ever.

The Seven2one platform provides solutions to the VPP challenges you face.

Are you looking to find success in a digitally transformed energy industry? We can help you with that. Smart energy is both the focus of our expertise and our passion. We integrate and interlink systems and automate complex data processes.

Even without knowing your specific situation, we can already say that we will be able to find a tailored solution that will meet your needs. And if you have a requirement that simply didn’t exist before, we’ll still be able to develop a tool for it and include it in your package. We can make this offer to you because our solutions are not fixed and static but instead flexible, modular and capable of being adapted to any need you might have.

Our specialists know the technical processes of the energy world so well that they can understand and implement the unique technical features required in this context – including the features you need. No matter how many energy generation plants, consumers, interfaces or processes your virtual power plant includes, you can be sure that everything will dovetail perfectly and be coordinated for the best result, whether trading systems or optimisation tools are involved. In this way it is possible to tap into all available business potential and operate your virtual power plant at maximum profitability.

“We’ve seen things labelled as ‘impossible’ before – but we’ve never let that stand in our way.”

(Mahshid Alibeik, Sales Manager)

You can also manually adapt your information processes to the dynamic market at any time so that you can be even more flexible and competitive. Our solution for virtual power plants is constantly subject to further development and designed for a long service life. Able to be expanded and customised on a modular basis, it allows you to operate a decentralised, intelligent and dynamic energy business both now and in the future.

Why Seven2one?

What we have to offer in addition to solutions

At Seven2one, you’re putting your trust in a company with more than 20 years of relevant experience. Our software is constantly being enhanced and upgraded so that it keeps pace with the fast-changing technology environment and the dynamic energy market.

However, our passion remains the same: to find the best individual solution for each and every one of our clients – including you, if you would like. It’s a promise!

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