In a nutshell, what is a virtual power plant?

The energy market is becoming more and more complex every day. But that’s not a bad thing.

You don’t have to have a degree in physics to know that the energy system only works when the energy produced and the energy consumed are in balance. Until now, this wasn’t much of a challenge, as traditional large-scale fossil-fuel power plants used their central control system to do everything necessary. This involves simply producing exactly as much electricity as was needed at any given point in time.

However, this structure is now going through a period of upheaval. Things are becoming more complicated as wind turbines, photovoltaic systems and other volatile energy producers with irregular peaks and troughs are becoming increasingly important. The situation is developing more and more into an exchange of energy, as there is always an abundance of power somewhere and a demand for power elsewhere. The entire industry needs to undergo a shift from a demand-driven to a supply-driven approach. This represents a great opportunity for the environment and for you, if your business is in the energy market.

A large power plant doesn’t necessarily have to be a large power plant in one place. On the contrary, a large virtual power plant consisting of many decentralised units is a solution that will far better meet the challenges of tomorrow. Photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric power plants, combined heat and power units, biogas plants, wind turbines and power-to-X plants can be combined to form powerful units – with the decisive factor being intelligent and safe control using the right software.

“Good software is usually complicated –
but never complicated to use.”

(Robert Dieterle, Software Developer)

Producers make the power. Software makes the energy transition.

The energy transition opens up an enormous area business for operators of renewable energy plants, even if they are small. This represents an enormous potential that you can take advantage of. And how well you can take advantage of the potential depends on how good your virtual power plant software is. We provide you with a clever, market-proven solution – tailored to your requirements.

What makes it special:

This solution doesn’t end with generation and consumption but is a central data hub for your entire business model. The Seven2one platform incorporates everything you need, whether virtual power plant, operator, control system, billing system or planning tools. The management features also make your work easier: clever monitoring gives you an overview of all your systems at any time, whether you are pooling 10 systems or 1,000.

A power plant that is virtual, benefits that are real:

  • You are able to respond quickly to fluctuations
  • You avoid negative price phases on the power exchange
  • You avoid costs for the purchase of balancing energy
  • You are legally compliant (such as in terms of remote controllability)
  • Your investment is future-proof, with changes being possible at any time
  • You actively shape the energy transition
  • You avoid frictional losses

You improve your market position!

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