Integration of e-mobility in the virtual power plant of an energy supply company

E-mobility? We get it off the ground – and onto the road.

The situation

A large municipal energy supply company (ESC) is taking the next step towards e-mobility by integrating its customers’ home charging stations into its virtual power plant. This power plant works with tools that include a Seven2one web application. It visualises all generating plants and electricity consumers with switchable loads on a map and displays all important data, statuses and direct marketing totals of the plants.


The challenge

We were faced with two tasks at once: We first needed to support the company in integrating e-mobility into the virtual power plant and then implement this enhancement as a web application.

The solution

The ESC used the Seven2one virtual power plant platform to create a database. This database then serves as the basis for intelligent charging management for electric vehicles.
The home charging stations of these electric vehicles are integrated into the ESC’s virtual power plant with smart meters and can be controlled remotely. In this way the ESC can control when each vehicle is charged with what level of power according to predefined criteria. The charging current can be easily adjusted to the currently available capacity of the home’s connection to the grid.
For monitoring the charging stations, we developed an additional web interface that provides an effective overview. This is provided in the form of an overview map that shows the charging points. The ESC can easily view the status, the total monthly consumption and detailed information about the transactions at any time.


The benefits

  • Optimal preparation for the new era of e-mobility growth
  • Greater user-friendliness
  • Optimised control

Project facts


A municipal supply and service company


The energy industry

Project results


Operators are provided with a centralised overview of the location and status of charging points


Seamless connection to the existing virtual power plant


Intelligent charging management for electric vehicles