Data analysis and reporting for Stadtwerke München

Time saving 50%, gaps in data 0%, reduction in related stress close to 100%.

The situation

Stadtwerke München GmbH (SWM) is one of Germany’s largest municipal utility and service companies. They operate various power plants and engage in energy trading, for which they depend on efficient time series management.
However, this was increasingly associated with problems. The decentralised Excel files used for this purpose were time-consuming to maintain, and the values in the time series themselves were difficult to understand and not checked for quality.


The challenge

To make data management more secure and efficient, all time series should be stored in a central location and managed in a manner that is as standardised as possible. The data quality itself also should be optimised.

The solution

We created a central database as a data hub in which the time series for the various areas of SWM are centrally compiled and managed. Employees working in analysis, trading, energy logistics and risk management have access to it. The solution fetches the data from a variety of sources – including widely known providers such as Bloomberg, Reuters and Trayport but also internal and external files. Weather and price forecasts can be integrated alongside energy industry studies, operational planning and energy data management. A high degree of automation guarantees that the data will be complete and valid. Almost incidentally to this, the system also creates transparency data and reports periods of power plant unavailability.
The solution is designed in such a way that implementation went quickly and smoothly and can be adapted and expanded at any time, of course. It’s a worry free all-inclusive package that you can depend on far into the future.


The benefits

  • Efficiency through simple and automated work steps
  • User-friendliness thanks to a uniform user interface
  • Ease of integration into daily routines through a multi-user capable system that enables easy data transfer within structures that can be custom-defined as required
  • Reliability through audit-proof data and automatic checks
  • Flexibility due to a system that expands with the requirements and that is now in use in more and more SWM business areas

Project facts


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Project results


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