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In a nutshell, what is energy trading?

In theory, everything is clear: energy trading involves trading energy on the energy market. And in practice? The topic then becomes much more complex – especially when it is key to your business model. That’s because prices on the wholesale markets fluctuate greatly. You can imagine the energy market as a huge bazaar teeming with merchants, with new stalls constantly opening while others are shutting down. The prices are also constantly changing at each stall, the number of buyers is fluctuating, and the market itself is open 24/7. It’s an exhausting and fascinating universe unto itself with an enormous amount of business potential. Here you can find out how you can use all of this to your advantage. […read more]

Knowledge is market power

The basis of successful energy trading is the Seven2one data hub.

Do you want to make the right decisions in a fast-changing energy market? We lay the foundation for your success in this endeavour. We provide you with the right platform to collect precisely the right market data for you, no matter how much data is involved and no matter whether it relates to renewable or fossil energy sources or both. You’ll get access to all of this data around the clock and in a form that precisely corresponds to your needs. But we offer you more than just a data platform – our solution includes everything you need to evaluate the data in a meaningful way. You can create models and determine the key figures for your business. The data we collect for you becomes valuable knowledge in just a few clicks and in a manner that is easy to understand. And that is ultimately what you need for a successful procurement and marketing strategy.

A dynamic market requires dynamic tools

As your business grows, our solution grows along with it.

You experience it in your daily work, and we also have been experiencing it for more than 20 years: The energy market is not only growing but also becoming more and more complex over time. It is therefore a matter of course for us to offer you solutions that change and grow with your company and your business sector. Our specialised knowledge of the energy industry makes it possible for us to assemble and integrate a powerful and stable data hub for you. Whether you want to produce your own energy or only trade or purchase energy, our specialists have the right solution for you and will customise it to meet your needs. If the structure of your company or your business sector are associated with a particular challenge, we will find a way to overcome it – and be happy to do it!

Why Seven2one?

What we have to offer in addition to solutions

At Seven2one, you’re putting your trust in a company with more than 20 years of relevant experience. Our software is constantly being enhanced and upgraded so that it keeps pace with the fast-changing technology environment and the dynamic energy market.

However, our passion remains the same: to find the best individual solution for each and every one of our clients – including you, if you would like. It’s a promise!

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