In a nutshell, what is energy trading?

You don’t need to know everything – only the right thing.

Just like at a busy and confusing open-air bazaar, it is crucial to get an overview in the energy market, to recognise the structures that exist, to develop models and to filter the fast-changing hustle and bustle of the market to meet your specific needs. Supply and demand change every 15 minutes and depend on volatile variables such as the sun or wind, but also on fossil fuels. Prices are interlinked in complex ways — gas, electricity and oil prices influence each other, and CO2certificate trading also plays a role as a business area, to name just a few of the relevant factors.

The good news is that every trading transaction leaves traces (data) behind, and this is particularly true in the electricity market. In contrast to physical delivery and grid operation, the energy market is virtual, so it produces an almost incomprehensible amount of market data. For business success, it is crucial to collect and retain the right data as well as format it in an eye-catching manner.

We provide you with a stable, powerful and expandable solution for precisely this purpose.

It allows you to collect and process the data you need for your business and the market area you are active in. With the Seven2one tool, you don’t need to worry about technical details like the different types of data sources and formats – whether the data is provided to you by websites or FTP servers, in e-mail attachments or in some other form, you will ultimately have everything clearly arranged and displayed in front of you in your cockpit. Complex relationships become visible and easier to understand.

Millions of data items, but a singular goal: your success.

The data collection itself is kept as user-friendly as possible for you. It’s automated, efficient and immediate. The information is automatically checked for completeness and linked in such a way that you have the perfect basis for making optimal business decisions. Modelling and forecasting will help you develop viable market strategies.

And best of all:

Everything you need to do this is available in a central data hub, allowing you to comprehensively monitor and bring together all possible scenarios in a trouble-free manner. There are no limits to the volume of data you can import: The Seven2one system is powerful and has been put to the test under real-life conditions. It is up to the task, whether you need to import several hundred or several thousand data records daily.

And it’s about more than data, with these very tangible benefits awaiting you:

  • You can create charts of relevant data with just a few clicks
  • Precise key figure reporting improves your decision-making
  • Efficient portfolio management increases your profitability
  • A high degree of automation prevents errors and conserves resources

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