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Our competencies

We offer solutions relevant to all energy industry challenges in which software is used. We are particularly active wherever the digital transformation is opening up new business areas or making existing business models more efficient, more profitable or simply easier and more convenient.

Energy 4.0

Prepare for the future

The digital dimension of the energy transition is a whole new universe. It becomes possible to establish connections that previously did not exist. Infrastructures are being created, business fields are emerging – and the journey has only just begun. We would be happy to be your partner!

Energy trading

Make better decisions

Successful trading is rarely just a matter of luck. It instead depends largely on expertise regarding when to buy and when to sell as well as well as knowledge of the parties to whom you should buy or sell. Those who really know the market have a competitive edge. We offer you custom solutions with which you always have all the data and models at hand, allowing you to trade successfully.

Regulatory reporting

Get out from under the bureaucratic burden

The energy market is full of legal regulations, with the EU and federal ordinances also changing from time to time, and yet it is essential to carefully comply with them. We provide you with software solutions that fulfil these obligations automatically in order to keep them from becoming a nuisance.

Virtual power plant

Tap into your potential

The energy transition is a big deal – even when it comes to small energy plants. Our clever software turns virtual power plants of any size and structure into powerful single entities that are able to harvest every profitability opportunity. We support you in working more efficiently and more economically in every aspect.

Nothing seems to match up with your situation?

Are you working in the energy sector and dealing with the topic of digital transformation yet still can’t find exactly what you are looking for on our website? That’s a good reason to talk to us! We are always happy to face new challenges and have found a solution to every problem so far.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Hartung

Head of Marketing & Sales, Head of Business Solutions