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As a reliable partner for our customers, we at Seven2one operate all the solutions we produce. In doing so, we offer our customers all relevant services from a single source and take care of all operationally relevant aspects so that the solutions can be used as defined and required. To ensure this operation, we cooperate with ISO-certified partners, especially in the area of IaaS.

At Seven2one, our customers benefit from our extensive software expertise and unified responsibility across all layers. We have been successfully operating software-as-a-service solutions for our customers and our own products for several years. Our operations include a cost-effective standard offering with options for customization. We also offer special arrangements for specific needs, such as enterprise operations.

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The right operating model

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An important decision for our customers, is choosing the right operating model. There are several options available, including operation in their own data center (on premise), in a service provider’s data center (hosting) and native operation in the cloud (cloud).

On premise

On premise is the most traditional option, where the company builds and operates its own IT infrastructure. This offers companies full control and flexibility, but can also involve high costs and complex management requirements.


Hosting is an option where the company houses its IT infrastructure in the external data center operated by Seven2one. This can be a cost-effective option and free the company's IT infrastructure from physical location dependency. However, the company does not have full control over the IT infrastructure.


Cloud operation is an option where the company operates its IT infrastructure in the cloud. This offers high scalability, flexibility and reliability. Cloud services are provided by various providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we rely on Azure for this.

The choice of the right operating model depends on the specific needs of the business, including the required scalability, control and flexibility, budget and security requirements. It is important to carefully evaluate which option is best for the business.

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