We are a “Top Company 2022”!

Mitarbeiterin hält kununu Award in den Händen

“more than software” now also a “Top Company 2022”!

This is reason to celebrate, because this means that we can once again count ourselves among an exclusive circleof companies that qualified for the Top Company seal of approval of website kununu, a platform for rating employers.

How exclusive?

While the old Top Company seal of approval was earned by around 20% of all companies on kununu, only 5% of companies are recognised with the new Top Company seal. Sounds pretty exclusive to us!


kununu Top Company 2022

Could it get any more exclusive?

On behalf of Stuttgarter Nachrichten, kununu identified the five companies with the best ratings in Baden-Württemberg in the category “Environmental and social consciousness”.

We have a bit of a spoiler here: we made it to the winner’s podium in this case as well! 😉

Another important change is that the “Top Company” seal of approval criteria for the award were redefined last year, with companies now required to fulfil more requirements than with the old seal, and the requirements are also stricter.

There needs to be at least six staff evaluations.
Ratings from job applicants are no longer included in the count.

A kununu score of at least 3.8 is required, both as an overall score and as an employee score.

And by the way 🤫: With a kununu score of 4.6 and a recommendation rate of 100%, Seven2one even has a company rating that is really good 🙂

The average employee score of the past 12 months also needs to be at least 3.8.

At least one new employee evaluation in the past 12 months. Updating an existing rating is also considered a new rating.

We see the awarding of the seal of approval as confirmation that showing consideration in our dealings with others and in our work in general is not something that is simply “nice to have” but a matter that is is truly taken to heart– and also a huge factor upon which the success of our company is based.

Thank you for providing this inspiration – we will always continue to do our best; because the reviews that our employees provide are the most credible advertisement for us as an employer as we search for bright new talent.

We are planning to accomplish a lot! Are you up for exciting projects and a great team?
Then follow this link!

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