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What is the TechStack?

The TechStack is the next generation of the Seven2one platform, which is the basis of all custom Seven2one solutions.

After Mesap 4 in 2001 and Mesap 5 starting in 2012, we are developing the 3rd generation for productive use with the TechStack. The TechStack is breaking new ground in the context of cloud systems and architecture. It also retains and expands on the strengths of the highly flexible data model. The possibilities for independent use by our clients will also be further consolidated.

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What happened with the TechStack in 2020?

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The TechStack finally began to take shape this year. After intensive analysis, drafting of the concept and building of expertise in 2019, we laid the foundation for the TechStack.

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Services, interfaces, functions and features were defined and implemented.

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Outstanding features of the previous platform were further developed, including improvement of the previous generic data model and addition of new application options.

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We intensively discussed the TechStack with some of our clients, bringing our approach and vision in line with expectations and needs, and received positive feedback across the board.

What’s the next step for the TechStack?

Things will be particularly exciting in 2021. We expect the first new client projects based on the TechStack as well as modernisation projects that improve and complement previous solutions with our existing clients. This will thus be the first time we achieve productive operation of the TechStack. In parallel with this, we will of course also implement a large number of generic functions and make further cloud and on-site application scenarios possible.

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