Time Series technology from HAKOM Time Series integrated into the Seven2one TechStack

A report on elementary particles and time machines

After intensive analysis and design deliberations, in 2019 we laid the cornerstone for the next generation of our Seven2one platform.
Services, interfaces, functions, and features were defined, and there was further development of the outstanding characteristics of the previous platform.
This resulted in the Seven2one TechStack – a platform that breaks new ground primarily in the context of the cloud and architecture.

In the course of our development work, we set goals for ourselves that included the following:
Extend the existing generic data model while enabling new application options.

Escaping the data jungle

Most applications require data from more than one data source, and the data often comes in a wide variety of formats and resolutions. It is also necessary to process much of this data in something close to real time.
Mapping energy industry processes also requires powerful time series technology.
Roughly two and half years ago, we began discussing and thinking about how we could meet our time series requirements. The question we had to ask yourselves was whether we would again develop a solution ourselves or instead look for something that would meet our technology standards and correspond to all of our customers’ processes.

Why make things complicated when everything can be done with HAKOM?

We know from our own experience that time series is a highly complex topic. We therefore opted to use HAKOM technology. It’s simply great that an entire company has dedicated itself to the maintenance and further development of time series.

When describing the importance of time series, CEO and co-founder of HAKOM Stefan Komornyik makes a comparison to the fundamentals of physics: “The smallest components of matter are elementary particles, and the smallest elements of the energy industry are data associated with a time stamp, collected in a time series.”

The company has a mission that can be expressed in just a few words: Make big data useful!

During development of the Seven2one TechStack, HAKOM technology was seamlessly integrated into our overarching data model. This made it possible for us to model all energy-industry topics in a domain-specific manner and use these models to our advantage in custom solutions.

HAKOM is our “time machine” and a key building block for the TechStack and our customers’ solutions.


The benefits

  • Web-based access to time-series data and meta-information
  • Clearly arranged graphical and tabular representation of several time series
  • High-performance staging of time-series data for data analysis
  • Rapid export of selected data using the full functionality of the Seven2one TechStack
  • Efficient mapping of aggregations as well as multiple time dimensions and attributes in big data scenarios
  • Continuous development and maintenance

A friendly relationship that goes beyond time series has developed between Seven2one and HAKOM. We see a great added value in this valuable partnership, which makes it possible for both companies to advance the goals of the other.

“The decision to use HAKOM time-series technology went hand in hand with the realisation that we wanted to make use of time-series technology that would always be up-to-date technologically. We were also excited by the clear vision for the future development of HAKOM TSM technology.”
Jan Marco Heinz, Managing Director of Seven2one GmbH

“In addition to excellent performance, the outstanding support for integration into our platform was a crucial factor in our decision in favour of HAKOM TSM. Last but not least, the professional, friendly and close cooperation that we experienced made it easy for us to choose HAKOM as our partner – and we have not regretted this decision.”
Carmen Bickle, Managing Director of Seven2one GmbH

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