Application example: smart business park

It’s not just new buildings that matter but also new energy technology.

The situation

Newly built business parks are usually also planned as smart energy units and can thus participate in the energy transition. Does this mean that older business parks are necessarily associated with a locational disadvantage? We didn’t want to resign ourselves to a reality like that. Surely it had to be possible to use existing structures sustainably by installing additional energy-saving technologies that make sense? Through the addition of retrofitted energy storage units, photovoltaic (PV) systems and intelligent energy management, for example, every business park can become a modern, smart unit.

The solution

An update that can prevent new construction: We developed an energy management solution for an existing building. The solution makes optimal use of PV systems, combined heat and power units and battery storage for the local power and cooling supply and also integrates mobility services. A large number of upstream and downstream systems for building energy management, smart meters and charging management are also part of the solution. The data streams come together in a virtual hub. With a user-friendly web portal, the operators of the business park can analyse data in real time and issue an invoice for the energy in a cost-effective and flexible manner. What’s more, the fact that power, heat and mobility are consolidated means tenants can be offered additional services.


The benefits

  • A transferable, retrofittable and cost-effective solution
  • The cost savings and value-added services for tenants are comparable to those of newly built parks
  • Actively benefit from the energy transition
Smart business park portal dashboard

The dashboard of the smart business park portal

Smart business park portal, energy consumption monitoring view

Monitoring energy consumption, energy costs and carbon footprint