Christoph Schlenzig honoured for his commitment to the region and the energy transition

Laudatory speech at the award ceremony of Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe

On 24 October 2019, Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe recognised the forward-looking entrepreneurship of Dr Christoph Schlenzig, founder and CEO of Seven2one. In his laudatory speech, journalist and author Dr Franz Alt said that Dr Schlenzig had taken on responsibility for both social and environmental issues and had truly set himself apart in doing so.

The energy transition needs pioneers

He also acknowledged Christoph Schlenzig’s commitment as an entrepreneur and as a board member of Smart Grids Platform Baden-Württemberg and energy network fokus energie. He added that it is precisely committed pioneers such as these that are needed to make the energy transition a reality. Christoph Schlenzig actively supports the mission of advancing the energy transition by establishing TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe and Baden-Württemberg as beacons for smart energy solutions in Germany, he said.

The “Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe Prize” was awarded for the first time at this event. Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe confers this award to honour companies in the region for particularly forward-looking ideas and their associated commitment to the good of society. The patron of the award is Minister President Winfried Kretschmann.

Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe award ceremony

Christoph Schlenzig and Thorsten Heftrich (Wirtschaftsclub spokesperson)

Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe award ceremony

Christoph Schlenzig with Thorsten Heftrich as well as Rainer Freitag (first from left) and Ralph Suikat (third from left) – the initiators of the award.

Seven2one is doing outstanding work for the success of the energy transition and thus protecting the climate as one of the most urgent challenges facing humanity on both the regional and national level. …The undertaking is an important way to ensure that Baden-Württemberg remains at the forefront in the future.

Excerpt from the welcoming address by Minister President Kretschmann on the occasion of the award ceremony

Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe – providing inspiration and impetus in the region

Decision-makers from the business world and the policy sphere have been coming together at Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe for nearly 40 years. TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe is a key venue and the centre of activity for the club members. The members are united by the conviction that a democratic and free society is based on a transparent, fair and sustainable economic system. Based on this belief, the club wants to provide valuable new momentum for the future of business and society in the region through discussions held in small and large groups as well as company tours. This also includes the “Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe Prize”, which began being awarded annually in 2019.

(Photos: Andreas Drollinger – Wirtschaftsclub Karlsruhe)

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