Our platform technology

We build our platform on high-performance microservices:

Core Services

The Core Services are our little and big helpers in the background that belong to every application. They facilitate the development of our platform and solutions.

Generic Services

All generic self-service functions for users are provided via a central gateway service.

Web apps and custom services

Within the framework of customer projects, the actual expertise is provided – via configuration and individual development.

Our technologies

Uniquely integrated with each other


A versatile product for the visualization of data - whether it is to be displayed in the context of operation & support, in development or for business use cases.


Our central API technology that connects services and clients while also serving users' queries.


HAKOM Time Series Management is a sophisticated technology for storing and processing all time series data - integrated into our flexible data model.


Whether as a full-service cluster deployment offering or using an existing cluster, Kubernetes allows us to deploy our platform in a variety of environments.


The extensive functionality of the .NET ecosystem allows us to implement individual customer requirements quickly and qualitatively.


The programming language of our users. Using the libraries we provide, you can easily and intuitively work with the system and its data.


A flexible and comprehensive framework with which web apps can be implemented precisely. In our UI Kit, we keep the most important components ready for quick use at any time.


For maximum flexibility in creating and adapting your business processes. Both standard modules and specific automation modules can be freely combined.

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Patrick Hartung

Head of Marketing & Sales, Head of Business Solutions