Establishment and operation of a transparency platform for EEX

In use internationally, with reliability that knows no bounds.

The situation

The European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) – just like other companies in the energy sector – is obliged to immediately publish inside information. The legal and procedural requirements for this are complex and stipulated in the EU Transparency Regulation, REMIT and MAR. And as if that level of inconvenience were not enough, companies immediately get into trouble if the complicated procedure is not meticulously followed.

The challenge

What was in demand was a powerful, fully automated digital transparency platform. What was not in demand at all was any form of compromise. Not in terms of reliability, not in terms of safety and not in terms of flexibility.

The solution

We created a transparency platform that fulfils all EEX and legal requirements. The processes are automated, from data transmission to checking of the reporting obligations to publication. It goes without saying that the intervals between reports are short and the data throughput is high. Maximum security is also a matter of course: all data communication is reliably protected with certificates.
Since 2009, the platform has been taking care of reporting obligations for EEX so that it can focus on its core activities, and we have flexibly adapted the platform to the changing requirements over the years, of course. The platform is currently used by nearly 100 companies in 15 countries. And we are particularly pleased that EEX also entrusted us with operating the platform from a technical standpoint starting in 2019.
Screenshot of EEX transparency platform

The benefits

  • Automated end-to-end processes
  • Maximum safety
  • High flexibility
We not only chose Seven2one’s technology but also hired Seven2one as our service provider. The high level of technical understanding of the processes to be mapped and the agility in the face of change are qualities that we have come to appreciate in our many years of working together.
Dr Marcus Mittendorf

Head of Market Information Services, European Energy Exchange AG

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Project facts


EEX European Energy Exchange |


The energy industry

Project duration:

Seven months until the go-live of the initial platform implementation

Project results

Digital transformation of a highly critical business process
Compliance with all regulatory obligations
Cloud capability currently under development