Searching for talent and recruiting in the coronavirus era

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The pandemic has shaken things up for us while also giving cause to try out new recruiting approaches and processes. As an agile company, we’re not afraid of exploring new avenues. We’ve been able to learn a lot in this context and will certainly continue to learn more. 🙂

The fact is that our previous approach to the job application process would have led to a falloff in recruiting activity, because personal on-site interviews were unthinkable in April and May 2020.

This forced us to quickly seek out a good solution for Seven2one and our job applicants: We sometimes carried out the entire application process remotely, from initial receipt of the application to hiring, with video calls and even our introductions to the team held via video conference.

Flexibility and creativity are in demand

What we learned above all is that you have to adapt to the circumstances and be creative and flexible. During a video job interview, for example, our Managing Director spontaneously took her laptop in hand to show off our beautiful premises in Durlach. It was a down-to-earth gesture that was also quite authentic.

Despite Covid, Seven2one is hiring.

The results we have gotten from our new approach have validated our decision to take our recruiting practices in a new direction, and we are committed and passionate about using these methods to find new talent for Seven2one in the future. It is only our great staff that makes it possible for us to cope with these trying times and continue to grow.

And so we are very pleased that since April we have been able to recruit eight new colleagues, some of whom have already joined the Seven2one family. To all the new Seven2one staffers, we say welcome – and that we are very much looking forward to working with you!

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