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VPPs – What are they?

Surely you already know the answer to this question; otherwise, you wouldn’t have ended up on the Seven2one site. Virtual power plants (VPPs) make it possible for you to tap into the full potential of your energy-generating systems. VPPs are a technically linked and jointly controlled combination of a variety of different decentralised energy producers. These can include photovoltaic installations, hydropower plants, biogas plants, wind power systems, combined heat and power units, energy storage systems and even consumers. Within the virtual power plant, the colourful mix of energy-generation types is always optimally coordinated, automated and managed on a cost-effective and comprehensive basis.

  • Schedule optimisation and creating greater flexibility
  • Central control system
  • Making energy available and marketing it directly
  • Monitoring, planning and control
  • Savings (CO2, time, money) and/or additional income sources
  • Integration and optimised infrastructure
Connection of a wide variety of systems or even consumers and storage units
Appearance as a large power plant. Perfect control and planning through well thought-out and optimized monitoring. Increased efficiency and many other advantages.
Optimized power feed-in and possibility to participate in the balancing energy market
Perfected participation in the electricity marketplaces
New sales opportunities even for small plants
Simplified and optimized integration

Our VPPs offer many advantages to you

Virtual power plants ensure optimal interconnection of your plants around the clock, allowing you to prevent CO2 emissions and save time and money. You can once again concentrate on your core business in peace while the VPP lets you participate in the energy transition with full autonomy.

And if you ever want to take the wheel yourself, the VPP offers you AI-based forecasts and a customisable cockpit, allowing you to conveniently manage all systems and data. We can therefore shape the energy transition together on the basis of experience and innovation.

Development of new business models: direct marketing, participation in the balancing energy market and electricity marketplaces
Perfect integration of the VPP into your IT landscape by means of interfaces and communication
All business processes, schedules, optimization runs, etc. displayed in an illustrative manner
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Custom software or SaaS solution?

Offering you the virtual power plant that best suits you is crucial to us. We offer you Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as custom solutions that enable us to jointly design precisely the VPP you need. It is of course the case that you can redesign your VPP at any time so that you can respond to new situations in the long term and always stay one step ahead. We ensure that you are always up to date and that your data is always safe.

Would you like an example?

Stadtwerke Krefeld AG has been taking advantage of the benefits of a virtual power plant for many years. Get insight into this sample project here:

Choose only what you really need

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It’s an indispensable component. You already have it – so why would you need two of them? In this case, we’ll integrate yours!

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Reporting solutions

What’s the point of a great VPP if it isn’t able to take care of annoying tasks for you?

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You already have an established provider? Then we would of course be happy to integrate it as well!

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Creating greater flexibility

Your load. Your increase in flexibility. Your decision regarding the provider!

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Market connection

You already have it? All the better!

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Do you need anything? We’re here for you in situations like this as well.

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