In a nutshell, what is Energy 4.0?

The digital energy transition is something to marvel at.

There is likely no part of the energy industry that has not been affected by the digital transformation. It is clear that the next step, Energy 4.0, also touches on nearly all topics. The power grids themselves are being redesigned with smart grid structures and technologies, and smart neighbourhoods and smart cities are being linked into units that accommodate more and more elements. In addition to the typical renewable power generators, combined heat and power generation is also being integrated, along with electric mobility, which is becoming relevant to the grid to an ever greater extent. And it doesn’t end there.

Many new opportunities are presenting themselves, and with each new possibility there is reason to marvel at the achievements of the associated companies and IT experts.

For the energy industry, all of of these new developments have structural impacts that need to be mapped digitally. New business models become possible, and new environmental and economic points of leverage emerge. Despite any and all upheaval, the systems must operate in a stable manner and the data must be kept secure from unauthorised access.

Data volumes are growing by leaps and bounds, but big data and cloud solutions make it possible to harness all of this information. This in turn is changing the software solutions that are used in the energy industry – including our solutions. The market is trending away from software packages that are purchased once and that our clients use in-house. We are now seeing a tendency towards cloud-based applications such as SaaS (Software as a Service) models.

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Each of these changes is associated with questions:

  • How can I make the best use of software as a company?
  • Can I take advantage of new synergies and work more profitably through new approaches?
  • And what in the world does this new word mean that keeps popping up in all the blogs?

No matter what questions you have, we have answers for you. And if not, we’ll find the answers so that you’ll be ready for the future.

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